Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everything I do is a piece of me and what I'm about

nude pink lipstick looks so good in flash. took way too many pictures (yes, I'm narcissistic like that) but decided to only post this one up. 
not the most delish cake however appreciate the thoughts to whoever send this to us :) 
wearing black asos one shoulder jumpsuit
strawberries dipped chocolates, my favorite snack to munch and best accompanied by watching the favorite drama. speak about own quality time!
mom's at the right side. just wondering here do some of you people always get commented on how you and your mother look like sisters? i get that very often and i don't find that... flattering at ALL. cos it's either i look very old (rolls eyes) or it's just that my mom looks young. 
this is basically the reason why i've gained 2.5 kgs in the past week. good food is too hard to resist.
my awesome auntie and her friend on her visit to the house
and managed to cut down probably 15 cm of my hair a day before I'm back to Singapore. 

So now I sincerely hope everyone whose reading this had a wonderful fruitful time at home being with all your families the past week and had massive red packets with you now. Speaking about mine, it was pretty good aside the fact that I've gained a few kgs back in Indonesia. Kind of hoping brother was with us this year although i could keep his red packets all to myself (ha). Miss my brotherrrr I wish I'm there in London sleep eat and shop and not here. Bummer

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